Brighton Ruby Conference 2014: This is the Brighton Dome rendered Ruby-ish by my own fair hand.

Brighton Ruby Conference 2014

21st July 2014

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Hello, I'm Andy.

I've run a couple of conferences in the past when I lived in Singapore. People seemed to have a nice time.

So why not come to lovely, sunny* Brighton on July 2st?

* sun not guaranteed, obviously


Bytemark Hosting


Pivotal Labs
Free Agent
Funding Circle

Look Who's Talking

Tickets are £99, the early bird & earlyish bird tickets are gone

The conference will be a single day, single track with a mixture of known ‘name’ speakers and a call for proposal (that is open now). Everyone gets a half hour.

Given the snappy talks there will be plenty of socialising time during the day. There'll also be some sort of after-party, but think more ‘few drinks in the sunshine’ than ‘dark, shouty basement’.

Obie + the crowd (2012)
Githubbers, Heroku-ers + the crowd (2012)

What is Brighton Like?

Well I think it's like this.


Brighton Ruby Conference is a harassment-free experience for everyone. With that in mind we have a brief code of conduct. It's not draconian, we merely want everyone to enjoy themselves and be considerate of everyone else. Matz is nice, so we are nice.

Code of Conduct