Friday 8th July 2016

A one day, single track, conference for Rubyists & the Ruby-curious.

Organized by @andycroll in Brighton, UK

Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Friday Hug (Terence Lee)
Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Jedi (Neil Middleton)
We Suck (Paul Brown)
Logo (Jack Scotti)
Just a Ruby Minute (Andy Croll)
Beginning (Andrew Faraday)
Speakers (Nadine Odunayo)
Tatiana (Andrew Faraday)
Love (Nadine Odunayo)
Lotus (Francesco Canessa)

Hello, I'm Andy.

2015’s event was jolly good fun, although the weather didn't exactly rock. And we had a gameshow!

I'm extraordinarily well ahead of myself, so why not buy a ticket for next year?

I've already got some great speakers lined up but I'm keeping them a secret for now.

What is Brighton Like?

Well I think it's like this.


Brighton Ruby Conference is a harassment-free experience for everyone. With that in mind we have a brief code of conduct. It's not draconian, we merely want everyone to enjoy themselves and be considerate of everyone else. Matz is nice, so we are nice.

Code of Conduct