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Fri 28 Jun
Brighton Dome

2014 Monday, 21th July

I returned to the UK (and specifically Brighton) after six years in Singapore.

Having eighteen-month-old twins I decided that a smart idea was to run a ruby conference for 180 people, despite not really knowing any local Rubyists. I blatantly copied the format of the RedDotRuby Conference I’d started in Singapore and transplanted it to the Brighton Dome on the sunny south coast.

And the sun shone, Terence & Zak were dressed as Jedi, Laurent Sansonetti live coded an Android app on stage and Aaron Patterson giggled the conference closed and much fun was had by all.

No-one died in the sweltering conditions, so I’m basically calling it a win.

Supported by Bytemark Hosting, Pivotal Labs, FreeAgent, Funding Circle & Kyan.

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