Monday, 21st July

I returned to the UK (and specifically Brighton) after six years in Singapore.

Having eighteen-month-old twins I decided that a smart idea was to run a ruby conference for 180 people, despite not really knowing any local Rubyists. I blatantly copied the format of the RedDotRuby Conference I’d started in Singapore and transplanted it to the Brighton Dome on the sunny south coast.

And the sun shone, people dressed as Jedi, Laurent Sansonetti live coded an Android app on stage and Aaron Patterson giggled and much fun was had by all.

No-one died in the sweltering conditions, so I’m basically calling it a win.

  • time: ‘09:00’ title: ‘May the Ruby be with you’ author:
    • name: ‘Terence Lee’ twitter: ‘hone02’
    • name: ‘Zak’ twitter: ‘_zzak’
  • time: ‘09:45’ title: ‘Building fast, standardised JSON APIs in Ruby’ author:
    • name: ‘Ben Lovell’ twitter: ‘benlovell’ slides: ‘https://speakerdeck.com/benlovell/fast-testable-and-sane-json-apis-with-rails-api-et-al’
  • time: ‘10:45’ title: ‘Better Security For Rails Apps’ author:
    • name: ‘Najaf Ali’ twitter: ‘alinajaf’
  • time: ‘11:05’ title: “Don’t Fear The Cuke” author:
    • name: ‘Thomas Brand’ twitter: ‘tom_b025’
  • time: ‘11:20’ title: ‘Unpacking Technical Decisions’ author:
    • name: ‘Sarah Mei’ twitter: ‘sarahmei’
  • time: ‘13:45’ title: ‘RubyMotion: Ruby For Native Mobile Apps’ author:
    • name: ‘Laurent Sansonetti’ twitter: ‘lrz’
  • time: ‘14:30’ title: ‘Types in Ruby’ author:
    • name: ‘Sam Phippen’ twitter: ‘sampphippen’
  • time: ‘14:50’ title: ‘Take the pain out of your TDD’ author:
    • name: ‘Andy Pike’ twitter: ‘andypike’ slides: ‘https://speakerdeck.com/andypike/take-the-pain-out-of-your-tdd’
  • time: ‘16:15’ title: ‘Codebar & Coaching’ author:
    • name: ‘Rosa Fox’ twitter: ‘rosaemerald’
    • name: ‘Despo Pentara’ twitter: ‘despo’
  • time: ‘16:55’ title: ‘Closing’ author:
    • name: ‘tenderlove’ twitter: ‘Aaron Patterson’