Friday 7th July, 2017

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Just a single-day, single-track Ruby-ish conference looking at you asking you to love it.

Hello I’m (@andycroll), let's do this.


It's at the Brighton Dome. In the concert hall this year. Which is a lovely room & doesn’t get quite so warm in the tropical Brighton sun.

So who the hell is speaking at this thing?

There's a full schedule but look at these friendly knowledgable faces.

Who's awesome?

The sponsors. Without them this whole thing falls apart and I end up under living under a bridge like some kind of fairytale troll.

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Friends of Brighton Ruby

Code of conduct?

Yup. Brighton Ruby Conference is a harassment-free experience for everyone. With that in mind we have a brief code of conduct. It's not draconian, we merely want everyone to enjoy themselves and be considerate of everyone else. Matz is nice, so we are nice.

What is Brighton Like?

Well I think it's like this.

Where Should I Stay?

I put people in the Ibis Brighton. I also hear good things about the My Hotel as well.

Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Friday Hug (Terence Lee)
Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Just a Ruby Minute (Andy Croll)
Beginning (Andrew Faraday)
Speakers (Nadine Odunayo)