Friday, 6th July 2018

Brighton Dome, Concert Hall

Hello. I’m Andy.

I organise Brighton Ruby.

It’s a friendly, single day, single track event for Rubyists and the Ruby-curious.

We’re nice. The speakers are ace. You should come.

Lovely Speakers

Bringing their knowledge, thoughts & good humour.

Could you be a speaker? (Spoiler: Yes)

We welcome applications from new & experienced speakers as well as individuals from under-represented groups.

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Katrina Owen an ecosystem engineer at GitHub. She accidentally became a developer while pursuing a degree in molecular biology. When programming, her focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring.

She works primarily in Go and Ruby, contributes to several open source projects, and is the creator of, a platform for code practice and programming mentorship.


Nickolas Means infatuated with disasters of all kinds and the amazing things we can learn from them. When he’s not stuck in a Wikipedia binge loop reading about plane crashes, he leads the engineering team at Muve Health, helping build software to improve the joint replacement experience for patients and their families.

He works remotely from Austin, TX, and spends most of his spare time hanging out with his wife and kids or going out for a run.


Sarah Mei a director of RubyCentral and co-creator of Brodge Foundry. And returning to bring her insight into how we form teams and understand software.

She works at Salesforce where she’s developing new understanding of how teams work within a much larger organisation.


Ashley Ellis-Pierce

... lives in Durham, NC and is an Application Engineer at GitHub. She enjoys helping others learn to code and is the lead organizer for RailsBridge Triangle and a mentor for Code the Dream, an organization that helps minority and immigrant youth break into tech. Her favorite programming languages are Ruby and Elixir.

In her free time she enjoys cycling, amateur furniture building, and photography.


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Code of conduct?

Yup. Brighton Ruby Conference is a harassment-free experience for everyone. With that in mind we have a brief code of conduct. It's not draconian, we merely want everyone to enjoy themselves and be considerate of everyone else. Matz is nice, so we are nice.

What is Brighton Like?

Well I think it's like this.

Where Should I Stay?

I put people in the Ibis Brighton. I also hear good things about the My Hotel as well.

Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Friday Hug (Terence Lee)
Apres (Andrew France - Flickr)
Just a Ruby Minute (Andy Croll)
Beginning (Andrew Faraday)
Speakers (Nadine Odunayo)