Doors 8:30am

Brighton Dome

Boring Ruby Code

Adam Niedzielski

Adam Niedzielski @niedzielskiadam

Adam is a programmer that loves teaching people how to write code and sharing his knowledge. He enjoys conferences and local programming meetups as an attendee, speaker and organizer. Adam is obsessed with clean code, but he never forgets that the technology exists to serve its users. He is really proud of his blog.\n\nIn his free time Adam plays board games, drinks craft beer or explores new cities without checking a map.

Ruby is a powerful language and this means that Ruby gives you a good chance to shoot yourself in a foot. “With great power comes great responsibility” and we all love to abuse our powers.

We will explore examples of “smart” Ruby code and see why they are confusing to junior programmers, your colleagues and even you revisiting the codebase after 6 months. Come to this talk if you want to learn why “boring” is better than “smart”.

Friday, 7th July 2017