Doors 8:30am

Brighton Dome

Developing Junior Developers

Emma Beynon

Emma Beynon @emmabeynon

Emma is a junior developer at the Government Digital Service in London, helping make government better for users. A former marketer, she quit her job in late 2015 to undertake a 4-month intensive coding bootcamp. Having successfully landed her first junior position at GDS in early 2016, she has been trying to navigate the developer career path ever since.\n\nWhen she’s not learning how to become a better developer, she enjoys going to gigs, eating burritos and travelling.

Starting out as junior developer can be an overwhelming experience, and sometimes teams don’t have the right tools to support their personal growth.

In this talk, I will cover the main obstacles that junior developers face at the beginning of their careers, and offer some practical tips so that you can help juniors in your team become the best developers they can be.

Friday, 7th July 2017