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The Ruby Alchemist’s Secret Potion // Friday, 6th July 2018

Piotr Murach



What if there was a set of simple and potent gems that could exponentially increase productivity when building modern terminal applications such as Bundler, in next to no time?

If you’re curious about creating your own tools and games in the terminal, I can show you how to harness this power and become a command line applications alchemist. Learn how to mix and match various TTY potions to come up with a secret mixture for analysing cryptocurrency gold or breathing life into the ASCII characters.

Software engineer by day, open sourcer by night, mathematician by design and human languages enthusiast life, Piotr has released many open source projects such as tty, finite_machine, github_api. In recent years, Piotr has been obsessively thinking about optimising Ruby terminal applications development.