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Fri 30 June, 2023
Brighton Dome

From Developer to Architect (and back again)

Matthew Ruby Jacobs


Sadly, Matthew died a few weeks after giving this presentation. Matthew was well loved in the Ruby community, both in the UK and Hong Kong. He will be missed.

Content warning Matthew worked with the Department of Justice on projects related to moving prisoners, this project was discussed during the talk.

A year ago I was looking for a job, and ended up taking a job as a “Technical Architect”.

But what exactly is a Technical Architect?

Weren’t Software Architects a thing in the 90s, cast away when we learnt about Agile?

In this talk I’m going to tell the story of my year in government as a Technical Architect, and hopefully convince you that there is a place for just enough architecture in modern software development.

And maybe it’s a role you’d be interested in

Friday, 5th July 2019