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Fri 30 June, 2023
Brighton Dome

Just Simply

Emma Barnes


Emma wants to explain how trivial your work is, nowadays. After all, there are so many gems, libraries and frameworks that make your work as developers painfully simple, really obvious and frighteningly easy. All you have to do is just use them: they make programming painless!

Except she won’t. Expanding on her manifesto, Emma will share some of the most egregious examples of technical documentation that infuriate rather than help. And she’ll provide useful advice to keep your technical writing friendly, supportive and impactful.

And yes. All the phrases in the first paragraph are from real world documentation. By the end of this talk you’ll have resolved not to put people off using the code you’ve worked so hard to create. Because if someone’s having to read your docs, it’s not “simple”.

Followed up with a podcast chat

Friday, 3rd July 2020