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Fri 28 Jun
Brighton Dome

A framework for more productive debugging // Thursday, 30th June 2022

Roberta Mataityte


You can either try to guess your way out of a bug and potentially end up spending a large amount of time getting carried away and going off in unproductive directions.

Or you can make use of the 9 golden rules of debugging to track down pesky bugs systematically, in no time at all.

This is a talk inspired by a book by David J. Agans book, a forgotten classic, “Debugging: the 9 indispensable rules for finding even the most elusive software and hardware problems”.

Roberta is a Software Engineer at FutureLearn, a leading online education platform. Prior to working in technology she worked for the arts and film sector and has a keen interest in the cross section of art, culture and technology. These days when not learning, coding or debugging, she is probably trying to grow the perfect balcony tomatoes.

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